Why Art Recess?

Creativity is Messy and We are very Creative!!

If art class is not fun then there is no point having it.

My lessons will concentrate more on skill building, encourage imagination and creativity. We also attempt to boost your child’s communication and confidence and skills through the right combination of encouragement, art and practice. We  encourage kids to use wide variety of techniques with versatile mediums.

I am an artist who enjoys doing abstract artwork as it has no boundaries.You can play with colors,techniques,styles,textures,tools, mediums in just one art piece.

Step out of your boundaries and feel your creativity.

What’s the Big idea?

The Idea is to be You!

We  develop  this idea through activities, color adventures, medium experiments, safe environment, motor skill development, presentation skills, story building and many more fun activities designed to bring out the uniqueness of every child.

I believe that exposure to colors in your kids life will bring out happiness, confidence, creativity, improved motor skills and concentration power along with huge amount of patience which is not provided as required in school due to limited individual guidance.

Programs are personalized according to age and ability. Your kids will be provided materials used by artists all across the globe.

Let your child be a part of this journey and feel the fun!